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Chimney Systems, Inc.
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Customer Testimonials

SOLID/FLUE is proud of the work done by their distributors and the performance of the SOLID/FLUE product in homes and buildings across North America. SOLID/FLUE has lined chimneys ranging from the "Governor of Michigan's mansion on Historic Mackinaw Island to numerous Frank Lloyd Wright homes in Wisconsin and New Jersey. The product has a rich history in lining chimneys for the insurance industry and has been put in numerous fire chief's personal residences.

The following is a sample of some of the testimonials that have come through the SOLD/FLUE home office:

SOLID/FLUE has been installed in some the nation's most prestigious homes.

SOLID/FLUE holds the record for the largest industrial installation lining a 206-foot smoke stack at Roanoke Memorial Hospital.

For more information, please call: 616-940-8809

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